Which Metal Gazebo is the Best? Shades & Style Determine

Adding a gazebo to your pool deck, patio or yard creates a great way to take a break from the sun or enjoy candlelit dinners.  In this review article, we’ll look in detail at the best metal gazebos, including the specifications of each and what makes them stand out. Let your lifestyle and appetite for shade guide your decision to which metal gazebo is best for you to purchase.

Steel Roof Gazebos – For Sunny Days or Stormy Weather

Maybe you’re looking for a perfect addition to your pool, deck, yard or lake house? Or you’d like to cover that hot tub you’ve been planning to purchase. You’ll want to consider the steel roof metal gazebos which let you enjoy the out of doors in full shade. Sojag and Sunjoy each have some of the best metal gazebos with aluminum frames and steel roofs.

Best Large Steel Roof Gazebo: The Sojag Messina Gazebo.

Apart from providing ideal shade for relaxation, The Sojag Messina also acts as a haven for friends and family to assemble for those memorable dining experiences. This heavy duty gazebo showcases high quality black aluminum frames and a highly durable galvanized steel roofing, both of which are rust resistant for years of enjoyment. It comes with nylon mosquito netting, which reduces wind and sun exposure while also keeping pesky insects away.

The Sojag is a 12×16 gazebo with an interior height of 6’5”. The roof is made of 16 panels. It’s recommended that you bolt or stake down the structure for maximum sturdiness. Instructions are clear, and the gazebo can be built by two people in a minimum of four hours.

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Some perks:  The mosquito netting can be replaced with privacy curtains. It’s able to withstand winds and snows, as long as you don’t let the snow accumulate significantly. The steel roof keeps out rain and other elements better than the polycarbonate alternative model.

Some drawbacks:  The steel construction can heat up pretty quickly on a warm, sunny day. It does not include rain gutters, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when deciding where to place the gazebo. Some have complaints about the heaviness of the mosquito netting, but this is more a matter of personal preference.

You may also find our review of pergolas helpful, if you’re trying to decide which structure would best suit your backyard.

Best Medium Steel Roof Gazebo: the Sunjoy 10×12 Chatham Steel Hardtop.

This state-of-the-art metal gazebo has an aluminum frame and steel panels that were designed for customers who love class and style. Its rectangular shape gives it an upscale look compared to any other gazebo on the market. Furthermore, it comes equipped with full netting for extra protection against the wind and the sun. The netting also helps to keep bugs and other pests out. In addition, it comes with hooks ideal for hanging light fixtures to keep the good times rolling even after sunset.

This is a 10×12 gazebo that stands 10 feet at the roof’s peak, and the interior height is 6’6”, providing plenty of overhead room.

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Some perks:  The roof is vented allowing air to flow easily in and out, helping with the overheating problem some other metal models have. It’s easy to assemble, with intuitive instructions and pieces that are clearly marked. You’ll want to have a few extra sets of hands, particularly for raising the roof (no pun intended). This gazebo also comes with a six-month warranty.

Some drawbacks:  This is not a quick build project. You’ll want to set aside 8-10 hours minimum to get it fully finished.

Polycarbonate Roof Gazebos – For the Indoor/Outdoor Types

If you are looking to enjoy outdoor parties, barbecues or just relaxing with friends and family without worrying about snow, UV rays or wind, aluminum framed metal gazebos with poly-carbonate roof panels are the best gazebos for you.

 Most size options: Gazebo Penguin 4-Season gazebo model.

This attractive gazebo brings indoor comfort to your outdoor living space. It is designed with thick aluminum and a baked enamel finish which renders it 100% rust proof. Its 3-ply vinyl-roof is not only mildew-resistant but also filters out any UV rays effectively. It’s available in four size options:  10×10, 10×12, 10×14 and 12×14.  The Gazebo Penguin comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Gazebo Penguin 4-Season Gazebo is available in all its sizes on Amazon

Some perks:  This gazebo comes with curtains, screens and hooks for hanging light fixtures when the sun sets. It withstands winds and severe weather well. Once built, it’s beautiful and sturdy.

Some drawbacks:  It has poor instructions and is not easy to assemble. Plan on having 3-4 people and 8-10 hours minimum to build. The screws are made for square drivers, and the polycarbonate panels are tough to get in place.

Best Value: the Sojag Ellington Gazebo

The Sojag Ellington Gazebo is a great value gazebo.  It is only available in the common 10×12 gazebo size, but It comes with a tinted, UV-blocking polycarbonate roofing and highly durable aluminum frames for strength during both good and bad weather. The aluminum combined with the stainless steel screws supplied will keep this gazebo rust-free. This gazebo also comes with PVC-coated mosquito netting, keeping those pesky critters at bay.

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Some perks:  The roof does not leak and can be easily cleared of snow during the winter. It’s easy to assemble and should only take about 6 hours, but plan to have one or two people to help assemble the gazebo kit. There’s a 3-year warranty that covers hail damage and a 1-year manufacturer warranty on parts. Replacement parts are easy to find, and in addition to the track for mosquito netting, there’s another if you’d like to add optional privacy curtains, giving you a secluded oasis in your backyard.

Some drawbacks:  The biggest complaint is that the roof isn’t vented.

Best Satisfaction & Warranty: STC Madrid Gazebo.

The STC Madrid has the best consumer satisfaction and the best warranty by a long shot. It is a 10×13 freestanding gazebo with powder coated aluminum frames that resist rust and corrosion. The polycarbonate roof effectively filters out UV rays with its all weather, twin-walled construction. There is a clearance height of 8 feet at the perimeter.  The gazebo comes with ground stakes to keep it strongly rooted in the ground, but it’s also recommended that you add pea gravel to each post in order to provide an even more effective anchor.  The STC Madrid is covered by a 10 year warranty on the metal frame and a 7 year warranty on the polycarbonate roof panels.

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Some perks:  It’s sturdy, especially with the extra anchoring, and can withstand rain, sun and wind. It will keep your patio furniture dry from all but the heaviest and windiest rains. Assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow, so with 1-2 extra sets of hands, you should have it built in half a day.

Some drawbacks: There is no netting or curtains that come with this gazebo or that are available.  The roof can leak at the seams during heavy rainfall.  There are a lot of parts to put together, so you’ll want to inventory them all before beginning.

Enclosed Gazebos – The Year Round Option

If you  want to improve your outdoor living experience with a shaded space to relax and dine with friends and family during both winter and summer, then the enclosed gazebo, or solarium, is your best metal gazebo choice.  Below are the two best options, both sold by Gazebo Penguin. One is a model that attaches to the house and the other is freestanding.

Best Attached & Enclosed: Gazebo Penguin W1209 4-Season Solarium.

Their attached enclosed gazebo model is the Gazebo Penguin W1209 4-Season Solarium that easily attaches to your house. It comes in four sizes:  8×12, 8×16, 10×12, or 10×16. This is a great gazebo for decks, patios, or slabs that area next to your house.  It’s made of powder-coated aluminum and has a UV-blocking vinyl roof which means no rust. There are two sliding doors provided that can be placed wherever you prefer. It is also rust-proof, as it’s coated with baked enamel.

See more about the Gazebo Penguin W1209 4-Season Solarium here on Amazon.

Some perksThis one could be for you if you’re looking to add an extra space, much like a sunroom onto a particular part of your house. If you love the idea of being outside without some of the annoyances – think mosquitoes and sunburns – then here’s your answer.

Some drawbacks:  You’ll want to consider how much sun this gazebo will get, since the polycarbonate windows and roof panels allow most of the sun to stream through heating up the interior pretty quickly in sunny summer months.

Best Freestanding & Enclosed: Gazebo Penguin 41212 4-Season Solarium

The best freestanding enclosed gazebo option is the Gazebo Penguin 4-Season Freestanding Solarium Gazebo. This one comes in three sizes:  12×12, 12×15, and 12×18. This outstanding gazebo is strongly constructed with thick aluminum material and a baked enamel-finish which renders it 100% rust proof. The solarium features 5-position wind channels, two sliding doors and a reinforced roof with 3-ply scalloped translucent vinyl panels to keep you protected from rain, snow and harmful rays.

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Some perks:  The roof can keep you dry from the rain and can comfortably handle heavy snow during winter.  The two sliding doors can be installed on any side. In addition, this gazebo features a polycarbonate roof which effectively filters out ultraviolet rays. If anchored to a concrete or tile patio, this gazebo has the ability to withstand strong winds. Also, it is relatively easy to assemble, and its parts are lightweight. It also conveniently provides hooks for hanging light fixtures, giving you a space you can add some lights to and use even after the sun goes down.

Some drawbacks:  The painted panels tend to fade easily, and the polycarbonate windows are somewhat weak so if there will be lots of baseballs or basketballs nearby, be careful. There is also some mention of slight leakage after heavy downpours.


There are plenty of things to consider when deciding on which gazebo should adorn your outdoor space. Here are the three options we reviewed: the steel roof, polycarbonate roof, and the fully enclosed gazebos.  Each have their perks and drawbacks, so ultimately, the decision is now yours.

And no matter which one you choose, a metal gazebo will easily add beauty and functionality to your outdoor living space, providing a shaded area for ultimate relaxation or a haven for friends and family to gather for a meal. We’ve outlined several great options that are attractive, durable, and for the most part easy to assemble, giving you a chance to add some zest to your backyard, deck, or patio!

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