Dreamy Outdoor Kitchen Designs

A popular form and function feature for the modern or traditional home is an outdoor kitchen. You can find a wide array of styles and features to create your dream space outside, either mimicking your indoor kitchen or designing something completely different. Let’s explore your options and layouts.

There are several features that every outdoor kitchen will have in common – a grill, some countertop space, and cabinets for storage. If you’d like extra zest, you can add a wood fire pizza oven, range, sink, or refrigerator. It’s all about how much space you have and how you plan to use this kitchen.

When thinking about your design consider these questions:

  • Will it be for year-round use or just the warmer months?
  • Do you want space for guests/family to lounge and dine?
  • Is water, gas, electricity easily accessible?

Each of these questions will help guide you to the perfect layout with all the functionality you’ll want for an outdoor kitchen.

We’d recommend hiring a professional for the installation of your kitchen because they will be able to best survey your space and determine how all the pieces you’ve chosen can fit together.

Here you’ve got an example of a well laid out space including a refrigerator, sink, grill, and plenty of counter space for food preparation. This kitchen is covered and well lit so that nighttime cooking is a cinch. Guests can be part of the experience as they relax at the table or sit under the umbrella. This showcases a stone and stainless steel combo, both of which hold up well in the elements and create a sleek design.

In this more all-natural outdoor kitchen, you’ve got a grill, small range, sink, and refrigerator. It’s built in an L-shape, giving plenty of functionality between all the work spaces. This kitchen is exposed to the elements more than the covered option above, but they’ve still chosen the same durable materials.

If you’ve got an eye for more modern styling, then this kitchen would suit you well with its clean lines and simplicity. To the right, there’s a grill, but the focal point is that bar inviting guests to take a seat and enjoy a refreshing drink or keep the chef company as they prep the meal. There are no rules when you’re designing your dream outdoor kitchen, so if for you, it’s more functional to keep things simple, let this design be your inspiration.

These last three kitchens will show you how to take things up a notch in terms of truly creating another living space outdoors.

This stunning kitchen features black granite countertops with stainless appliances. There’s plenty of storage, a refrigerator, grill, and two sinks to make food prep and disposal simple. The covered space is well lit, and in exchange for a large table, there’s plenty of seating at the bar top. The covered kitchen allows for more versatility in terms of materials used since they aren’t directly exposed to the elements, but you still see granite and stainless, which hold up well to heat, humidity, and cold.

This kitchen may look similar to others mentioned, but it’s got one stand-out feature. Notice that wood fire oven to the left? That’s right, folks. This space takes advantage of the open air and adds a spot for firing pizza. It’s a lovely and functional addition to your standard L-shaped kitchen. The large stone floor is also a great compliment to the smaller stones used to cover the face the cabinets. One of the many ways you can add flare without compromising durability.

And if what you’ve seen so far didn’t tickle your fancy, this one has it all! This is outdoor space taken to the max, combining the comfort of a living room with the functionality of a kitchen. The large stone fireplace provides warmth through the coldest nights, and the recessed lighting allows this space to be used whether or not the sun is shining.  The attention to detail and eye for design mix beautifully in this outdoor kitchen.

Now that you know a little more about what options you have available, you can make your dreams become reality. If you are looking to be budget-friendly, then choose a kitchen like the first. If you’ve got more to spend and envision a place for friends and family to relax and dine, then choose something like the last photo.

If you’re looking to have a covered space for your outdoor kitchen, then a gazebo or pergola would serve you well. Check out our posts on the top metal gazebos and pergolas to help you make the decision about what would be best for your backyard.

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