The Kid’s Slide that Parents Love

If you’re a parent or grandparent looking to make your backyard a place for adventure, then we’ve got just the answer with this one simple addition. With so many choices of slides and play sets on the market, the decision of which to choose can be overwhelming, especially when trying to strike the balance of safety and entertainment. We will focus on the Step2 slide, as a great option to provide hours of safe fun for your little one.

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With nearly a 5-star rating on several sites, there’s a lot to love about the Step2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide. It’s like having a ready-made indoor/outdoor playground to keep your kids entertained whether it’s sunny or snowing. They’ll have fun, get exercise, and learn to share, as they climb up and slide down this fun toy!

The Step2 slide measures 17x64x41 inches when fully opened, ready for sliding. That’s about the size of your double stroller. The height from handles to floor is 3.5 feet, and the slide is about five feet long. The item weighs close to 28 pounds and can easily be folded, making it light enough to move from room to room or inside to outside. Here’s a video that helps give some perspective on the size of the slide and just how easy it is to fold:

Made in the USA of highly durable double-wall resin (aka plastic), the slide keeps its color and shape well in all weather, even if you choose to leave it outside year round. It’s probably best to fold it up and find a corner of your garage or playroom to hang it when it’s not being used. This will help the slide last even longer. It also keeps it from being a safety hazard if adults aren’t around to supervise children sliding.

The slide has three steps leading up to the platform from which kids can propel themselves down. There are high side rails with handles that allow little climbers to find a sure grip. A great plus is that the angle is not too steep, and the base of the slide has a slight curve and lift that allows kids to land on their feet, rather than fall forward with all that slide momentum. This feature in particular is a stand-out from other plastic slides for sale, as it adds to the safety without prohibiting enjoyment.

The entire slide is made so that it’s smooth and rounded, keeping your little one from getting cut, pinched, or scratched. Brown and green are the chosen colors, as they are more fade-resistant than the brighter slides from competitors. The neutral color choices allow the slide to blend well into your home or backyard.

This is a sturdy slide with a solid base for kids to climb. If you’d like to add even more sturdiness to it, you can weight the bottom down with sand. It’s also easy to clean, just spray it with water and wipe it down. If you’re looking to disinfect, you can use any product that’s safe for plastic.

Age Recommendations

The recommended age for this slide is 2-5 years. Children older than five can use this slide, as long as they are at or below the weight recommendation of 50 pounds. Those as young as one, if mobile, can also use the slide with the proper adult supervision and assistance.

The height and length of the slide make it genuinely fun for kids while also balancing safety. It’s not so high that a child would be seriously injured if they fell. Though, be sure to have the slide placed in a location with a softer surface, whether that’s grass, carpet, or foam. It’s also not so low that they can’t gain a little speed as they slide. This feature allows for kids to enjoy it over multiple years, making it worth the little bit of extra money you spend upfront.


The Step2 slide is easy to assemble, another highlight in comparison to other plastic slides for sale. You can have the entire thing unpacked and assembled in less than 20 minutes. The only assembly required is attaching the black arm that provides stability between the stairs and slide. This is also the arm you’ll use to fold the slide when ready to store. It’s easy enough for an adult to fold but not for a child, which is a perk!

If you need any further instructions than what are provided in the package, you’ll find them on the Step2 website. It’s easy to navigate and offers great tips, if you run into any issues.

Add Ons

If you’re looking for other ways to add fun to this slide, then we’ve got some for you. Try placing it over a ball pit that kids can slide down into.

Or add a small wading pool at the bottom – just be sure the slide is on the grass rather than a hard surface. This will allow little feet to dry off a bit before they hit the stairs. If you do use it with a small pool and notice that the slide begins to collect water, you can drill a 1/4” hole in the bottom, away from any seams, and tip it to drain the water.

You could also set this up where kids can slide into a sprinkler that will mist them as they go. The backyard fun is boundless, just be sure to place the slide on level ground and have an adult watching closely.

As much fun as it sounds like it might be, we don’t recommend that you use this slide with an in-ground pool, as the steps are not made with enough traction to keep your little one from slipping onto the concrete. There’s also not a way to anchor the slide into the ground, so even if your child doesn’t slip, the slide might.


The Step2 Slide comes with a 3-year warranty for the original purchaser that covers any defects in materials or workmanship. If you need to use the warranty, Step2 Direct will determine whether the defective part will be replaced or the entire purchase price refunded. This is based on their discretion. Some instances that are not covered are the following:  abuse, accidents, and cosmetic issues, including fading or scratches from normal use.

If you’re purchasing this for a daycare or other commercial use, the warranty is shortened to six months. The same coverage as stated above applies.

Wrap Up

There you have it – so many reasons to choose the Step2 slide as your backyard slide. Let’s revisit the highlights:

  • Durable – the slide can last for years, even outdoors
  • Lightweight – it’s easy to store and move
  • Stable – this slide, when on level ground, gives plenty of stability for your little climber
  • Easy to assemble – all it takes is about 10 minutes
  • Years of use – kids as young as one and as old as eight can have hours of enjoyment
  • 3-year Warranty – have a problem? Get it solved with this substantial warranty.

Our guess is that you’ll be so happy with your purchase, you’ll want to consider the other great products from Step2, like the Woodland Climber. It includes a rock-climbing wall, fort, and slide for backyard adventures. This slide can even be added to other sets, so the possibilities for fun just keep going. You can check out more of their products on Amazon.

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