Why does everyone love their Yardistry Pergola?

Have you been on the hunt for a high quality trusted brand of pergola for your backyard? You should join the club of people who love their easy to assemble, high quality, beautiful Yardistry pergola. This article will explain what makes Yardistry’s 12×14 pergola stand out from other DIY pergola kits.

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What makes a Yardistry?

Yardistry uses the highest quality materials for their products.  They use knotted cedar wood as a base for all of their structures. Their wood is treated with a premium water-based stain. You’ll find that all pieces are pre-drilled, pre-cut and ready for you (or your hired hand) to put together.

What makes Yardistry unique is that they offer a modular system. There are fifteen main components that can construct hundreds of different designs. It’s a one-of-a-kind building strategy, since most kits contain the pieces needed for that specific design and no other. This allows for fluidity across your backyard improvements. If you’d like to have a pergola that coordinates with your fence or arbor, a Yardistry product is what you’re looking for.

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Their website is navigable and has a great resource for instruction manuals. They have an archive of past and current models in case you need a replacement. The customer service is quick to respond and helpful in addressing any issues if they arise.

What size pergolas do they offer?

They only make their pergola in the 12×14 size with a height of 9.5ft. They have specialized in offering one size model that is just right for most applications. Think about one of these beauties over a hot tub or an outdoor chess set.  It’d also be great for an outdoor dining area or as cover for some comfortable lounge seats and a fire bowl.

Check out some classy propane fire bowls to go with your pergola here on Amazon.

Building a Yardistry Pergola?  You can do it!

In addition to their high quality, one of the strongest selling points is that your Yardistry pergola kit will be easy to assemble.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, so even though there are quite a few parts, which may seem daunting, you are set for success.  And, because their pergola kits are two-person jobs to assemble, you will have a teammate to help you keep track of the pieces.  We’d suggest an organizational system throughout the process to keep everything accounted for and accessible, and we recommend using Tupperware to separate bolts, screws, and washers. There are also helpful videos that walk you through each step, which is a nice perk if you like to see things done before you attempt them.

What about Covers?

You may want more coverage options than the traditional pergola style which is open to the sky.  There are several options you can choose from to add cover.

Yardistry has partnered with Sunbrella to offer sunshades for their Yardistry pergolas which give your pergola coverage from light rains and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for protecting from harmful sun rays. They have two options: a retractable model and a stationary model.

The stationary cover is available here on Amazon.  Which one is best for you will depend on your preference.  Their stationary model needs a ladder to install, so it does not come on or off as quickly but provides sturdy attachment.  The retractable model can be moved back and forth depending if you want to look at the stars or have protection from an afternoon drizzle. Both of these compatible Sunbrella accessory options are high quality and durable sunshades, which will match the high standards of your Yardistry pergola well.The other option you have for a covered Yardistry backyard structure is their aluminum roof gazebo. Their gazebo allows you to have coverage from the elements as well as an attractive design feature. Assembling the Yardesty gazebo with the aluminum roof is just as easy as assembling their pergola, which makes this a great coverage option.

If the idea of having an enclosed or sheltered structure is more appealing, you can find a helpful review article here. It will help you find the best metal shelter for you, by weighing the perks and drawbacks of the different options.

What is the Warranty?

Yardistry provides a 5-year warranty on all of its products that applies to all of the wooden components. It warranties that the lumber will be free from rot and decay for a period of five years. There’s also a one year limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. You will need to do regular maintenance on the Yardistry product in order to be eligible for the warranties including keeping an eye out for rust, check that the connections are tight once assembled, one month after assembly and annually there after.

How much do people love their Yardistry?

When it comes to what people have to say, we found plenty of rave reviews. Yardistry is loved because of their ease of assembly, clarity of instructions (with pictures which is a big perk!), beauty, and the durability of the finished product.

Most complaints we’ve seen come from one main point of confusion:  dimensions. See the important note below for clarity.

How Can I Buy One?

Yardistry brand products are very affordable. Click the photo below to see prices on Amazon.Overall, for the price, quality, and ease of build, Yardistry makes a great product. Just imagine how your outdoor space could be transformed into an extension of your house. The addition of a pergola can almost instantly create an extra living room, kitchen, dining room, or an elegant cover for that hot tub. Or maybe you’re looking for a place for hanging vines, a Yardsitry pergola provides that as well. Check out this article for more pergola ideas!

Important Note

One thing to bear in mind when you’re researching that perfect pergola purchase is the dimensions you’d like to have. The listed dimensions, for example a 12×14 pergola, is telling you that the canopy measures 12×14 feet. This is not a reflection of the interior size between the posts.

Most of the specifications of the product will mention this and give you the interior dimensions, but you can, as a general rule of thumb, subtract one foot off the width and length of the canopy for the size of the interior space.

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